Monday, September 28, 2009

Installing a Blogger theme on your blog

Few days I am working on blogger theme & I observe its very easy to add new themes on your blog. If you want to change your blog themes then please go through this guidelines.

1.Browse, login in to this website If you are already logged in, you will see this type of window:

2.Click the Manage layout link at the bottom.

4.Now you should see your blog's template. Here you can move sidebar items (called widgets) and add new ones. However, your first task is changing your theme.

5.In the menu, choose edit HTML.

6.When you arrive at the Edit HTML page, it's a good idea to back up your existing template. Click the download full template link to do so.

7.When you made sure you've got a backup of the old template on your hard drive, it's time to change your old template to a new one.

8.Unzip your theme file. You will see in the theme folder contained in the archive, there are three files: license.txt, readme.txt and themename.xml .

Some times, if you downloaded the Grandaddy deluxe theme, the .xml file will be named grandaddydeluxe.xml or something similar.

10.Now you have 2 options. Either open the .xml file in a plain text editor (like Notepad on Windows) and copy paste the contents to the edit template field. Or, use the restore template function to upload your new template. This seems illogical, but it's the easiest way to add a new theme.

Click the browse button and find the .xml file on your hard drive. Click on "Upload" button.

11.After finishing uploading click on Save your template button.

Now your blog is ready to publish. So try now & let me know your experiences.

This guidline will get your newly acquired Blogger theme up and running on your blog in just a few minutes but mind it its only for blogger not for wordpress. If you want to know about wordpress theme installation then please go through it Installing a wordpress theme on your blog.



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