Sunday, November 16, 2008

Reality of Directory Submission

Every one knows about directory submission. Why we are doing directory submission? And what are the roles of directory submission? There are lost of questions in your mind. But do you know what reality of directory submission process is? Each SEO person think directory submission is the SEO process, but I would like to say directory submission process is not included in SEO. There is know need of directory submission for your website higher rank.

Most of the peoples thought directory submission is must but if you think about it there is no need of any type of submission like directory submission. If you ask any SEO person what you are doing for get more back link then he will say directory submission or any other type of submission. But if you are observe, there are many website are present with lot of back link and also higher page rank with out any submission. Then no need of submission for your website what you think?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Keyword Research Importance

Did you know how to search keyword for you new website? Keyword research is the first step for your website optimization. To get more hits on your website then you must study on keywords of your website.

What is the market value of keyword? Which keywords are very popular? Which keywords are hot and cool? All this information is must collect when you launch new website.

Did you know how to calculate which keyword is mostly search in which search engine? So then go for below guideline. When you login on or then phage any keyword as your interest for example ‘Real Estate’ then you get more number of search results and will get whole information about that keyword means which search engine is highest shows.

Please have a look on following process:

Getting this result:

Result from as follows:

1) Selection of search engine which your interest

List of Keyword which are find in word tracker software

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Search Engine Strategies According There Work

What is Search Engine? It is like data store software, when you phrase some keyword it displays some results in terms of pages. How can you find some data of anywhere? Because it’s totally depend on your keyword. Those data content your keyword whole data will display on your screen.

Search engine result is in two categories Paid Advertising or Sponsored search and organic search or natural listing.
In visually these two result can seen like follows:

Here you have taken Google search engine example:

In your left hand site result you will find always organic result means top 10 listing sites. These listing are free listing or natural listing not paid advertisement. And these results are relevant to your keyword. Google there clearly mansion no money was paid for there listing. One most important thing is these result obtained by successful SEO means search engine optimization of that websites.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is helping you to get quick rank in search engine.Why this happen because of social bookmarking sites page rank and those popular sites. If you realy want to build your site then you must go for social bookmarking. If you don't know about social bookmarking then please visit here and also see follows link collection of social bookmarking site:

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blog is The Wonderful World

First to clear about blogging what is blogging? Blogging is the one of the part of business to grow in your field with the help of internet. To represent your wives on internet through proper channels. Blogging means to write article for your blog. And blog posting means to publish article on your blog.

You can create a blog on free site or on your website or you can pay for to get some space on another person website. Free websites like, or etc. Blog creation is very simple and easy process. Go to and click on sign up and add your all detail and get activate like on your email. Then go with customization. What you want every thing is available there.

Another part of blog creation is to install blog on your website domain through ftp. There you can do any thing to upload various themes which you like.

In customization, they provide facilities of uploading header, various themes, blog writing tools, comment posting for user etc. In wordpress customization if depend on CSS script and customize by XML script.

But difference of free blog creation and paid blog, in free blog only you customize blog header not all CSS editing and in paid version they allow to edit CSS script.

Next part of is blogging. To create article for your blog on your blog subject.

Like If your blog on Home Furniture, then you can write article on your good service which you have provide or detail about furniture types etc. Always remember, blog must contain plugins which helps to increase traffic on your blog. Plugins only for bookmarking sites.

After completion of customization then you can make seo campaign for blog. Like link building, link exchanges, all submission etc……

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Off-page optimization

Off-page optimization is an effective part of search engine optimization and it is done with an aim of achieving goal of search engine ranking and increase traffic to the website.

Off-page and on-page optimization is depend on each other because off-page optimization is effective only if a Web page is well optimized on-page. And this is most important factors of Search Engine Optimization. Some of the off-page optimization factors are as follows:

. Link Building
. Types of Link Building
. Anchor Text Optimization
. Article Submission
. Directory Submission
. Blog Building

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

On-Page Optimization

On-page Optimization is the process of modification of various elements in a Web page like keyword density, URL, title, Meta tag, heading so that search engine spiders can easily read the Web pages.

Advantage of on-page optimization is to make Web Pages related to search engine so that search engine spiders may find each Web pages easily but it never guarantees search engine ranking. In otherhand, off-page optimization is done with an aim of securing good search-engine ranking and this process is very effective when a Web page is well optimized on-page.

Mentioned below are some of the on-page optimization factors:
1. Title Tag Optimization
2. Meta Tag Optimization(title,keyword,description)
3. Heading Tag Optimization
4. Alt Tag Optimization
5. Content Optimization