Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Search Engine Strategies According There Work

What is Search Engine? It is like data store software, when you phrase some keyword it displays some results in terms of pages. How can you find some data of anywhere? Because it’s totally depend on your keyword. Those data content your keyword whole data will display on your screen.

Search engine result is in two categories Paid Advertising or Sponsored search and organic search or natural listing.
In visually these two result can seen like follows:

Here you have taken Google search engine example:

In your left hand site result you will find always organic result means top 10 listing sites. These listing are free listing or natural listing not paid advertisement. And these results are relevant to your keyword. Google there clearly mansion no money was paid for there listing. One most important thing is these result obtained by successful SEO means search engine optimization of that websites.

At right hand side is in green color, these are advertisement or sponsored listing. These top listing sites result through paid to Google. Producing sponsored ads on search engine is called as search engine marketing. This paid system is for only specific keyword which is main keyword of that website. This websites paying some money for listing up to you pay but after to stop paying then it will be going down but this will not be happen in organic listing because of successful SEO campaigning of websites.

In one sentence ‘Paid or Sponsor result is temporary but organic SEO result is long term result’

After clearing of confusion about search engine then in your mind rise second point how you store your data search engine? Did you herd about search engine submission? This process is called as storing data in search engine through add URL in search engine process.

When you open Google in internet browser then you add in search box add URL in Google then you find some links like
Click on it you will find add URL option. Then you add all data of your website and submit it. It accept it and waiting for its approval. If they accept it then your website is in search engine database.

Paid listing is quick giving result process and SEO is lengthy and time taken process but long term result. But what is good for your website is decided by your our thinking.
Then which process is chosen by you!!!!!!



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