Monday, October 13, 2008

Keyword Research Importance

Did you know how to search keyword for you new website? Keyword research is the first step for your website optimization. To get more hits on your website then you must study on keywords of your website.

What is the market value of keyword? Which keywords are very popular? Which keywords are hot and cool? All this information is must collect when you launch new website.

Did you know how to calculate which keyword is mostly search in which search engine? So then go for below guideline. When you login on or then phage any keyword as your interest for example ‘Real Estate’ then you get more number of search results and will get whole information about that keyword means which search engine is highest shows.

Please have a look on following process:

Getting this result:

Result from as follows:

1) Selection of search engine which your interest

List of Keyword which are find in word tracker software