Sunday, November 16, 2008

Reality of Directory Submission

Every one knows about directory submission. Why we are doing directory submission? And what are the roles of directory submission? There are lost of questions in your mind. But do you know what reality of directory submission process is? Each SEO person think directory submission is the SEO process, but I would like to say directory submission process is not included in SEO. There is know need of directory submission for your website higher rank.

Most of the peoples thought directory submission is must but if you think about it there is no need of any type of submission like directory submission. If you ask any SEO person what you are doing for get more back link then he will say directory submission or any other type of submission. But if you are observe, there are many website are present with lot of back link and also higher page rank with out any submission. Then no need of submission for your website what you think?

Now one part of directory submission is, there are three type of submissions a) Free submission b) Paid submission c) Reciprocal submission. You can prefer all submissions. If you prefer free then there is no guaranty to get back link. If you prefer for paid submission then directory site admin will defiantly gives you back link but I want to mention here this back link up to you are paying that’s it, when you stop paying then it will not give you back link. But last not list is reciprocal link; it’s just like link exchange process. It also two types paid and free.

Now you are thinking why I am explaining this if I am saying there is no need of directory submission. If any person not have any idea about then he must know about directory submission.

If you are thinking to get higher page rank then there is not only one option to go for submissions believe me. Your website needs powerful content and most important is meaningful content. Means if any user comes on your website by search engine then he must read full content of website, indirectly it affect your bounce rate of website pages. Low bounce rate is beneficial for your website.

If directory submission is doing SEO person then he is not SEO expert, he is link builder. Each SEO person writes directory submission in SEO skill. But in SEO skill includes optimization of website like coding, pages looks, all SEO rules follow. So what you think about directory submission is called as SEO process or any other process? Reply me and if any one having some daunts then please ask.



sideissues said...

Just my 2 cents on Link Building. SEO is basically optimizing one's site for search engines.

Now are incoming links a factor in search engine rankings? they absolutely are as the algorithms are built with linking between sites as an important factor. How the links are valued (incoming and outgoing) is the more complex part.

So, in that sense, link building is a part of SEO esp. getting incoming links from good external sites and imho the hardest part. The reason is we do not have control over other people's sites and their motive to link to us. We can increase the chances through various methods.

Directory submission is probably the easiest part of the Link Building process and now less fruitful than in the past. So, it is a small subset of the SEO process.

It is more important as part of the traffic building process. (Directories have their own traffic, so a small set coming to our site is useful) e.g. if our site is in a relevant category say in 100 directories and each sends 2 visitors/month - that is still 200 visitors which is a small valuable stream to have.

SEO, at its core is a traffic building exercise, to get more relevant visitors. It does not have a fixed boundary and can extend into parallel fields like landing page optimization, usability, etc.