Thursday, May 8, 2008

Off-page optimization

Off-page optimization is an effective part of search engine optimization and it is done with an aim of achieving goal of search engine ranking and increase traffic to the website.

Off-page and on-page optimization is depend on each other because off-page optimization is effective only if a Web page is well optimized on-page. And this is most important factors of Search Engine Optimization. Some of the off-page optimization factors are as follows:

. Link Building
. Types of Link Building
. Anchor Text Optimization
. Article Submission
. Directory Submission
. Blog Building

1. Link Building

Building link with potential partners is a vital part of search engine optimization. Link building helps achieving link popularity which means the number of quality inbound links pointing towards your website. Search engine often looks up link popularity before indexing a website and link popularity is obtained through link building.

Link popularity is a deciding factor for online business success but at the same time it is a difficult task too because it take more time. Search engine wants inbound links from authoritative sites having same business objectives rather than unimportant and useless sites and often consider the useless links as spam and penalize the website.

In the process of link building, analyzing link of close competitor is also essential. Analyzing their link, how they have widened their network and which way they are working also brings some values to the website.

2.Types of Link Building

There are plenty of links that can be built while doing online business; few of them are listed below:

i) Authority Link-

It relate to building link with related websites. It can be done for good search engine ranking, increasing link popularity and attracting more traffic to self-owned website.

ii) Directory Link-

It is the process of building a link with few well-known directories like Yahoo.dir, MSN and in order to find niche directories.

iii) Reciprocal Link or Two-way Link-

It is the process of exchanging links based on some agreement between two trusted websites who shares the same business interest with an aim of increase website traffic and link popularity.

iv) One-Way Link-

It is the process of link building where link is built with some website on their interest, without getting connected back to that website. It is also called inbound link, which is highly important for link popularity.

v) Three-Way Link-

This is the process one of the other type of link exchange.It is the agreement between same intrested business and there business partner.They also link with those are same business.

3. Anchor Text Optimization

Anchor text is play one of the most important role in Search Engine Optimization. Anchor text is the hyperlinked text found on a Web page which link site users to detailed page that contains full information about the linking page. For example, consider link search engine optimization, when you put the cursor on the link and click on it, it will show the hidden

URL: This visible hyperlink is called Anchor Text.

Importance of Anchor Text Optimization

Anchor text optimization is a process of optimizing Anchor text using keywords that link to different pages that contains related content. Anchor text optimization is mainly done in order to secure higher search engine ranking.

Anchor text optimization can be done externally and internally. External anchor text involves getting inbound links form other websites, directories, forums and blogs using necessary keywords as anchor text. Internal optimization of anchor text can be done by using specific keywords on the links that link the various pages within the website. If Anchor text is used wisely it can help a website rank high in search engine. One can optimize a Web page with targeted keywords in the form of anchor text and link it with various related pages within the site and thus, increase the relevancy of a web page in search engine ranking.

Anchor text optimization is an important off-page optimization factor as it tells search engine what the linking page is all about. Among the search engines Google gives more weight to anchor text and Google Page rank being the targeted issue, Anchor text optimization becomes an unavoidable subject.

You can use anchor text in:

. External links - links from other sites
. Internal links - links on your pages
. Navigation maps
. Links on your home page

4. Article Submission

Article submission is the newest way of off-page optimization process. An article rich in specific keyword is prepared and URL of self-owned website is attached at the end of the article. Then the article is submitted to famous article presenting website, there begins the publicity of your website. In a short span of time, you will receive new and potential buyers in an easy and effective manner.

5. Directory Submission

Web Directories Definition

Web directories are Web search tools that are manually arranged by human editors. Directories contains list of websites that are thoroughly checked, categorized in different relevant subject categories that gives actual information to information seekers. Web directories are usually smaller than search engine database because it is handled by human editors and not by any software or search engines spiders.

Directory Submission Vs Search Engine

Directory submission is a crucial process associated with search engine marketing. When a website is build, optimized well on-page and off-page, then it is submitted to directories and search engines for indexing in their directory list or database. Submission is necessary to make your website public, viewed by general people or information seeker and ultimately attracts more traffic to website, increase sale of products and services and turn them to regular buyers.

Search engine on the other hand, sort the website with the help of software program called spider or WebCrawler. Search engines often prefer to submit their websites to directories and prefer to list websites from directories because in directories, websites are manually checked, reviewed and passed through the desk of editors. These websites are enriched with keywords, have one-way link which is vital for search engine ranking.

Submission of website can be done in two ways; in first case site owner can submit the website to directories and in second case, editors themselves come across the website and pick it up for review.

When a website is made flawless, well optimized with relevant keywords and submitted to directories, it will be checked manually. If the site is found appropriate by human editors and index the website in their directory listing then you can be sure of your search engine success, because search engine often pick up websites from directories to list them in their database and display them in search engine result page.

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6. Blog Building

In blog building is means to install blog on our domain and custamize blog.In custumization are various factors like theam selection,header design according to our original site,content. Now a days blog is generally used for developing business. For exmaple if your site is base on mobile sale,in your blog you can add your product information,experiances of custumers and also comments.So it helps to achive our goal in user means popularity of our product. It also including process is blog submission.