Tuesday, May 6, 2008

On-Page Optimization

On-page Optimization is the process of modification of various elements in a Web page like keyword density, URL, title, Meta tag, heading so that search engine spiders can easily read the Web pages.

Advantage of on-page optimization is to make Web Pages related to search engine so that search engine spiders may find each Web pages easily but it never guarantees search engine ranking. In otherhand, off-page optimization is done with an aim of securing good search-engine ranking and this process is very effective when a Web page is well optimized on-page.

Mentioned below are some of the on-page optimization factors:
1. Title Tag Optimization
2. Meta Tag Optimization(title,keyword,description)
3. Heading Tag Optimization
4. Alt Tag Optimization
5. Content Optimization

1. Title Tag Optimization

Title tag is the HTML tag used to define the text at the top line of Web browser. Title tag is the most important factor as it tells search engine what the page is all about. Based on the title tag, search engine crawl the Web pages, so if title tag is irrelevant or unfocused, it will directly influence search engine ranking.

Listed below is few Title tag optimization process:
. Keyword is the most important factor of search engine optimization, so make sure to accommodate most related keywords in title tag.
. Title tag must be short, highly informative and ineffective. Major search engines can accept title-tag of approximate 60-90 characters.
. Inclusion of company name in title tag is inappreciable and if it can be used if it can attract traffic to your website.
. Title tag must be different for different Web pages and must contain relevant keyword that details the Web page.

2. Meta Tag Optimization

It is a tag in the HTML that provides information in a Web document and it is often used by search engine to index a Web page. HTML is conectivity of webpage & browser. The Meta tag is placed at the top of the HTML in a Web page as a heading and it provides information like author, date of creation or latest update for the page and keywords which indicate the subject matter.
Two most important Meta tag for search engine indexing are the keywords Meta tag and the description Meta tag. People may consider that Meta tag is the key that give good search engine ranking but it is not always true.

How to Optimize Meta Tags:

. Meta tags include title, description, keywords, so use of Meta tags must be relevant to your website.
. Use targeted keyword in description and stuffing of keyword lead to penalty or ban of website.
. Use important Keyword or Phrases at the begging of description in order to be noticed by search engine even if they does not consider description portion for indexing.

3. Heading Tag Optimization

Another important on-page optimization factor is Heading Tag. Search engine considers it mostly when indexing a Web page. Header tag is important for visitors also, since heading tag tells both search engine and visitors what the content is all about. Heading tags are represented as h1 to h6 is considered the most important tag by search engine and the smallest and the least important. It is suggested to add specific keywords related to your business theme in heading tags and it is better to use keywords that are used in title and Meta tags.

4. Alt Tag Optimization

Another Important Factor for On-page Optimization Alt / Image Tag
Alt tag generally means the alternative tag. It is the HTML tag that tells search engine what the images are all about. Since search engines can not read text embedded in images, so alt tag tells search engines what the images are all about. In addition, alt tag is helpful for visually impaired individuals to understand the objective of images. Images can create problems for indexing a Web page but website without any image will become uninviting and void. So while making a website you can not only target search engines but the outcome will be generated through visitors. So your website must be search engine friendly and it must be appealing to visitors. In such a situation, alt tag is the best option to add more beauty to your website.

5. Content Optimization

Content is play measure role for a website. Good design and easy navigation should be coupled with flawless content that are enriched with business oriented keywords and key phrases. In content most important factor is keywords (Keyword Density).It effect to bounce rate of webpage.Bounce Rate is in between 36-40%.



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