Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blog is The Wonderful World

First to clear about blogging what is blogging? Blogging is the one of the part of business to grow in your field with the help of internet. To represent your wives on internet through proper channels. Blogging means to write article for your blog. And blog posting means to publish article on your blog.

You can create a blog on free site or on your website or you can pay for to get some space on another person website. Free websites like, or etc. Blog creation is very simple and easy process. Go to and click on sign up and add your all detail and get activate like on your email. Then go with customization. What you want every thing is available there.

Another part of blog creation is to install blog on your website domain through ftp. There you can do any thing to upload various themes which you like.

In customization, they provide facilities of uploading header, various themes, blog writing tools, comment posting for user etc. In wordpress customization if depend on CSS script and customize by XML script.

But difference of free blog creation and paid blog, in free blog only you customize blog header not all CSS editing and in paid version they allow to edit CSS script.

Next part of is blogging. To create article for your blog on your blog subject.

Like If your blog on Home Furniture, then you can write article on your good service which you have provide or detail about furniture types etc. Always remember, blog must contain plugins which helps to increase traffic on your blog. Plugins only for bookmarking sites.

After completion of customization then you can make seo campaign for blog. Like link building, link exchanges, all submission etc……